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Foil-coverings mounted on concrete blocks

A fast and flexible way of building!

Mounting is possible on various types blocks, preferably with flat top.

A study serves to show what it takes to ensure the lateral and vertical stability (transverse supporting walls, metal trips or sheets, …)

Foil-coverings mounted on concrete walls deposited on site

The larger work!

Spans up to 60 m and more.

Storage of your goods in all freedom and dimensions.

And last but not least: a fully transparent roof.

Coverings with metal roof sheeting

Certain applications require metal roofing and cladding.

Also in this case there are hardly any restrictions in terms of height and spans.


Literally out-of-the-box-thinking!

Some advantages of this type of roof: no foundations, a very solid building, rapid build-up, which can also be easily disassembled and re-used.

The Containers service both as walls, columns and crosses.

In addition, the containers can also serve as refectory or storage space.

Ballast in the containers allows for compensation of the upward wind forces. This is also stated in the corresponding calculation stability study.


Stable in foil

Increasingly used as an alternative to the classical stable.

The benefits include: increased animal welfare, a better production environment and a more competitive cost.

Semi-modular coverings

Flexible, fast (de)mountable, transparent roof.

This type of roof offers the ability to quickly respond to changing storage needs.

The modular dimensions also ensures the budget-friendly aspect and the flexibility.

Of course, façades can also be covered.